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Sikkim [Denzong, The Rice Bowl]
The Land of the Mountain crest – lies between the kingdom of Bhutan in the east, Nepal to its west and on its northern border, towers the plateau of Tibet. This small stretch of rugged land may just be a speck on the world map but its size belies its’ richness and diversity of culture, customs, heritage, flora and fauna.
·Sikkim – one of the most beautiful nooks in the Himalayas offers visitors, nature - in all its grandeur. The worlds 3rd highest mountain -Mt.Kangchendzongna (28,156 ft) and it’s attendant peaks - Pandim, Narsing, Kabru, Talung, Siniolchu, Pau-Hunri, Simvo, and Jopuno present a surreal vista unmatched in the world and which the local legends will have you believe resembles an altar of the Gods. Once an independent Himlayan kingdom, now Sikkim is one of the states of India.

Darjeeling [The place of the Thunderbolt]
Darjeeling is a popular hill-resort in Eastern India. Also known as "The Queen of the Hills", Darjeeling lies perched at a height of 2,134 meters with a panoramic view of the mighty Himalayan peaks of the Mt. Khangchendzongna Cluster. Darjeeling was the very first "hill sanitarium" developed by the British to escape from the blistering Indian summers of Gangetic Bengal.
Famous Tea Gardens:
‘Darjeeling’ and ‘excellent tea’ have become synonymous.  Tea – drank all around the world over, must constantly bless the memory of the person who decided around 1840 that the climate of the Darjeeling region was very conducive to the growth of tea. Huge forest areas were cleared and tea was planted. Chinese experts were called in to teach the art of tea making and thousands of Nepalese were hired to work in the tea gardens. Darjeeling Tea has become so famous for its aroma and delicacy of taste that it was soon named the "Champagne of the East".

Culture Tours:
A week in Sikkim and Darjeeling
Darjeeling & Sikkim 10 days
Round Trip Sikkim 20 days
Round Trip Sikkim 20 days
Sikkim/North India (20 days)
Sikkim/ Bhutan 14 days
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