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   A prior knowledge of the climate of Nepal becomes an absolute necessity for any visitor planning to visit the inland country so as to avoid any undesirable consequences. As such going through the following lines will be just as useful for a wonderful vacation.
BEST SEASON:  Visit  Nepal  for all Season
With the monsoons just having tired off, leaves behind a soothing air with an array of lush green meadows in the countryside, dew fresh air and crystalline visibility of the Himalayas thus giving a full meaning to what we say as – Naturally Nepal. Surely, Nepal is overflowing at its best. The season also favours the harvest of rice and one can enjoy with the harvest festivals. However, the weather gets too hot during the end of the dry season and too cold during the peak winters

Cold starts to creep in and the Trekkers must be well prepared. The visibility is still good and one can get close to the snow at the high altitudes yet at the same time it can be pretty cold. The Annapurna Circuit is on the closure due to the snow on the Thorong   - La Pass thus opening a venture to the Everest Base Camp. Down in Kathmandu the evenings remain chilly and gloomy, sometimes the winter monsoon showering for a day or two. Nevertheless the climate remains hospitable in general.

This is the second best time of the year to visit Nepal. Warm weather greets the high altitude treks with aisles of rhododendrons and a variety of blooms just not letting you to tire. every bend round the corner beholds a spectral diversity enhancing the best, nature can ever offer. Yet on the other side the visibility is not as one expects it to be – the dryness in the air causes lots of dust to rise and float thus reducing the crystal clear view of the Himalayas.

HimalayanMay and early June remains hot and dusty with the monsoons just ready to burst out. The trails run muddy and slippery and prone to leeches and the clouds obscure the view of the mountains. Although it does not rain all day but it rains almost everyday and going around is not as comfortable. It is not as hard to trek on the highlands but large rivers and landslides may pose an unseen threat, as such the season is not as hospitable.

Later on during the Autumn (AUGUST- SEPTEMBER) the weather remains dry and quite comfortable and the festivals overwhelm the country thus giving a visitor a chance to explore the prized cultural and the physical diversity of Nepal.

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